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Noble firms outperformed the S&P 500 eight-to-one. -Firms of Endearment

Some of our readers have asked, “great story, but how does it relate to me or my firm?” Other readers have commented, “I’ve got enough email – this is a little too ‘woo woo’ for me.”1

In response, Nobility Academy is giving away a seven page article entitled: Nobility Matters. The article answers these two groups of readers by showing that:

  • Noble firms are more profitable than their competitors.
  • Employees of noble firms earned more revenue for the firm.
  • Noble firms attract and retain clients without advertising.
  • Noble firms have a competitive difference.
  • Emphasis on nobility decreased depression.
  • Noble firms developed “Elegant Harmonies” with their partners.
  • Noble firms have a legacy.

To get your free copy simply go to Nobility Academy and enter your email address.

If you have a problem with the download, simply email me at and I will email the article to you. Please include in your email any suggestions about how we can improve what we are providing to be of more value to you.

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  1.  ©2015 Brandon L. Blankenship. See Nobility Matters for Image Credit. Title attributed to Firms of Endearment.
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Brandon L. Blankenship is a continuing legal education presenter and business educator. He is the author of Unmasking Hour. He writes weekly posts on the legal industry and is a contributor to the Nobility Academy. He and his wife Donnalee live on their hobby farm south of Birmingham, Alabama.