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The active mission in establishing this curriculum was the ardent desire to promote nobility in life. That kindness, mercy, or compassion be introduced into conversation (even social media), transactions and play.

How can students act nobly if they never hear about it, never think it or never have it in their heart. There are plenty people and programs talking about mercenary-minded obsession with self-gain and profits. This mentality is shortsighted and suicidal.

This curriculum teaches through story and action the simple truth that people "serve themselves best when they serve others most."1

  1. B.C. Forbes
  • Change That Remains

    Noble students, noble workers, noble parents, noble citizens.

  • Grades Improve

    Noble character improves work ethic, grades improve.

  • Self Affirmation

    Noble character breaks the need for peer affirmation.

  • Better Communities

    Better students make better communities.