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Pen and paper what is your body of work

A Stealth and Unstoppable Force For Justice

If you want peace, work justice. -Pople Paul VI Imagine the worst possible crime you can. Now imagine being wrongfully accused of that crime. As bad as being guilty might be, being wrongfully accused is worse. As unnerved as you might be with being wrongfully accused, you might still hold on to hope because we…

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Could Your Coffee Money Change Somebody’s World?

   by  novemberkilo    I’ve never missed anything I’ve given away. -Otis Scruggs As I started learning about attorney Amy Lorenz-Moser, I started wondering if the money I spend each year on coffee I can’t pronounce, could change somebody’s world.1 When Lorenz-Moser isn’t busy with complex personal-injury defense, including product liability and toxic tort defense, she…

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Leaving Everything on the Field

What’s worth doing even if you fail? -Brené Brown As a friend, Lecretia Anne Seales was just the sort of friend you want to have.1 As a lawyer, Lecretia was known for her “accuracy, her judgment, and her discretion.”2 Her resume is impressive. She worked for Kensington Swan, Chen Palmer & Partners, the Department of Prime…

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The Gift of Opportunity

Be an opener of doors … -Ralph Waldo Emmerson Jane Doe, a 10-year-old girl born in Honduras, found herself in an unlikely place – the United States – unaccompanied, undocumented and among strangers. Normally, an undocumented unaccompanied minor would be sent back their home country.1 Since Jane is a minor, it would be inappropriate to reveal her…

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