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Tired of Being Alone?

To be “a companion with others along the way, to carry the message that ‘you are not alone.’ and to give them courage to live humanly….” -William Stringfellow Sick and tired of being alone? Build a community. That is what Andrew W. McThenia, Jr. did. He built a community – that was worth building.1 First year…

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Wicked Good Response to Haters

I didn’t have Bill Gates money. I didn’t have Warren Buffet money. I had a house. -Tony Tolbert If you have decided to give your house away, you probably put a lot of thought into it. You probably did some soul searching as well. If, like Tony Tolbert, you are an attorney, you probably took…

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Living a Latin Phrase

 Fiat justitia ruat caelum (Let justice be done though it tear down heaven) -Judge James Edwin Horton In 1931 Alabama, African Americans were, at best, referred to as blacks. Outside of a working relationship, blacks and whites didn’t mingle. Blacks went to black churches and whites to white churches. Blacks and whites were prohibited to…

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