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Could Your Coffee Money Change Somebody’s World?

   by  novemberkilo    I’ve never missed anything I’ve given away. -Otis Scruggs As I started learning about attorney Amy Lorenz-Moser, I started wondering if the money I spend each year on coffee I can’t pronounce, could change somebody’s world.1 When Lorenz-Moser isn’t busy with complex personal-injury defense, including product liability and toxic tort defense, she…

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Tired of Being Alone?

To be “a companion with others along the way, to carry the message that ‘you are not alone.’ and to give them courage to live humanly….” -William Stringfellow Sick and tired of being alone? Build a community. That is what Andrew W. McThenia, Jr. did. He built a community – that was worth building.1 First year…

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When You Get Stepped On – What Does It Smell Like?

When you step on a rose it smells like a rose. When you get stepped on what does it smell like? -Jeanne Marie Leslie Deng Thiak Adut was no older than six when he was separated from his mother. And forced to walk 33 days to an army training camp. He drank water squeezed from grass in…

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