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Pen and paper what is your body of work

A Stealth and Unstoppable Force For Justice

If you want peace, work justice. -Pople Paul VI Imagine the worst possible crime you can. Now imagine being wrongfully accused of that crime. As bad as being guilty might be, being wrongfully accused is worse. As unnerved as you might be with being wrongfully accused, you might still hold on to hope because we…

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Mentoring is Noble

We were motivated by our mentors to go an extra mile. ― Lailah Gifty Akita Who do you most admire or who would you want to be more like? Most likely, that person is mentoring someone. Their mentees may go by other names like student or precept, disciple or upasika. Even so, a more experienced…

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From Prison Cell To Congress (How to Step Higher)

“My philosophy is that children should be ahead of their parents, should climb a step higher and make a contribution to the family and to society.” -Minnie Crockett (George’s mother)1 During America’s “Cold War” past there was no open war underway. The era was defined by threats, propaganda and fear. America’s enemy was not a…

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What is Nobility?

It all started the day I was having lunch with several people during a weekend training. Everybody was a professional of some sort, I was the only one with a law degree and as I ate (or tried to) they were arguing about what their legal /professional duty was in a particular situation. Each person…

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